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Ten Best Practices For Success in Employee Well-being Programmes

Leaders play a vital role in leading by example and providing a conducive environment

Ways To Increase Physical Activity At Home And At Work

Physical activity benefits hearts ,bodies and minds.

What Healthy Eating Plate Looks Like

Healthy plate: 1/2 vegetable & fruits+1/4 each whole grain & protein+Small healthy oil + Water

10 Best Practices For Success In Employee Health and Well-being Programmes

10 best practices- leadership at all levels, employees, communications, planning and resources

Nine Ways To Demonstrate Top Leadership Commitment To Employee Safety And Health

Mission, communication, visibility, support, evaluation and resources show leaders commitment

Five Ways To Eliminate or Reduce Safety And Health Hazards And Promote Employee Well-being

Eliminate, substitute, redesign, educate and encourage to address worker safety and health

3 Ways Employers Can Address Social Determinants Of Health

Employers address social determinants of health through awareness, accountability and action

Six Key Considerations When Implementing Employee Wellness Programmes In Africa And Developing Countries

Context, relevant targets, activities, goals, resources and monitoring are key for wellness

10 Things You Can Do In Partnership With Your Certified Health Coach

You move towards your vision of health and wellness supported by your certified health coach

Optimizing Health Assessments and Five Benefits for Employers and Employees

You can optimize health assessments with biometric screenings and adapt to COVID-19 challenges

Five Essential Components For Creating And Sustaining Culture Of Health At Work

Leadership, communications, policies, built environment and community are essential for CoH.

“Employee Appreciation Day"- What shall we do before the next one

We can do better than this, people don’t have to die in pursuit of their pay cheques