About us

Triqure Healthcare

Triqure Healthcare Limited was co-founded in 2016 by a couple to address a gap in providing solutions to health and wellness challenges observed at work and outside work
at individual and family levels.

They both observed that employees are faced with physical inactivity and poor diet at work and outside work due to limited knowledge and lack of healthy food choices. This resulted in weight gain and increased risk of chronic

I personally experienced impact of Partnership for Prevention introduced by my employers and also a wellness
programme that facilitated increased physical activity and healthy food and drink intake. Both helped to reduce
weight and visceral fat and reduced overall cardiovascular risks.

This has become a passion for the couple to bring others to good health and wellness through their employers with
the company starting operations in May 2020.
As part of our corporate social responsibility, we will give 10% of annual Profit After Tax(PAT) to organisations serving and caring for widows and the fatherless.

-Certified Health Coach/Co-Founder

Target Customers

Human Resources Directors/Heads of Multinational companies with existing Workplace Wellness Programs and
Services for local employees.

Human Resources Directors/Heads of Big local corporations listed on Nigerian stock exchange and private
companies with HMO plan and more than 200 employees.

Unique Value Proposition

Executive Health Coaching for Senior Executives ( 35 years to 60 years) who have “lifestyle diseases “ such as diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia and those at risk.